• As a conscious artist, it's really important for me to offer my Light Soldiers the best, for them and for Pacha Mama. That's why I choose to collaborated with handcrafters whom really create with a powerful intention to do something strong, bright and different.
  • All the collector items from the BOOM COLLECTION are carefully made in France. I decided to give you the opportunity to shop limited numbered pieces in order to manifest my will to propose a smart, sustainable, fair and human merchandising line. There is no pieces that are alike or that will be handcrafted again. Here is the meaning of "unique". I truly believe that each Soul is connected to its own path and so you will find here what you, as an individual & connected being need. Magic is always around and I want to share a piece of it with you through these colorful and powerful productions.
  • The whole collection is the result of a long meditative and creative process in collaboration with my team and my designers. I put a lot of energy and intention into the conceptualization of these mandalas so that each symbol & illustration represent a powerful feeling and testify a deep and real sensation that speaks to everyone in their hearts. The SYMBOL and LAO.B DESIGNS are the emblems of the Light Music philosophy. Propagate the Light through the vibration of sound and the frequency of Love, in total coherence with the universe of the ILY album which seeks to manifest in the music game a luminous, benevolent, elevated and conscious identity. Because ILY means "I Love You", I also wanted to send all of you an endless abundance of affection, creating a real, lasting and lifelong bond between us.